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Donald Trump’s Favorite Food Recipes

Beauty & Lifestyle

You can’t deny the popularity of the 45th president of the United States Of America, while most of us can just dream to live quite like Trump. On this occasion we can pretend by cooking tasty versions of some of his favorite foods….

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Victoria’s Secret Models Reveal The Secret Diet

Beauty & Lifestyle, Fashion

Every year men and yes even women wait excitedly for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. And why not? It is the showcase of the beautiful women in history of mankind.

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What Happens With Your Body When You Quit Smoking?

Beauty & Lifestyle

Smoking is the worst habit one can have, but people would rather enjoy a cigarette instead of worrying about their health.

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Homemade DIY Hair Treatments

Beauty & Lifestyle

The silky smooth strands, the naughty curls, the curvy wavy knots, etc, we all love our hair. It is the first thing that gives sparks to our personality and is our identity too. Our hair bears many things from harsh…

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10 Simple Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

Beauty & Lifestyle

Are you feeling pain with every step? There is nothing serious to worry about; it can be a sign of your carelessness towards your feet. Winter’s come with many skin problems and cracked heels are one of them.

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Top 3 Destinations To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Europe


If you are a person who love winter and winter holidays with lot’s of snow, then see bellow the best New Year’s Eve destinations, beautiful places with a holiday spirit, where everything is decorated in cheerful colors, kids play and enjoy the…

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6 Tips To Deal With Your Jealous Girlfriend

Beauty & Lifestyle

Regular phone checkup, irritated behavior, jealously and frequent fights, is this kind of love your girlfriend is showing nowadays? Are you really fed up from the sly and insecure behavior of her in the relationships?

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