Over the past month, there appears to be a story developing which originates in New York, where the Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman is apparently looking into several of President Trump’s businesses, including Trump Model Management.

Several anonymous sources, apparently close to Schneiderman, have provided additional details to former White House staffer, and veteran of three presidential campaigns, . And what they are telling him leads us to believe something major is coming soon from the NYAG’s office.

Claude Taylor has released additional details.  In several tweets Taylor explained the following:

“When all is known about Trump Model Management and it’s role in bringing in underage girls to US-even some of base will be horrified. For those who who want me to focus solely on Russia-the NYAG human trafficking investigation into Trump Model Management-does also loop Russian Org Crime. It is alleged that Trump’s agency procured young women and girls through them. All the NYAG investigations, A-money laundering, B, Association with Russian Org Crime/Enterprise Corruption (RICO) and Trump Model Management have a good deal of overlap.”

This source is apparently alleging that President Trump was involved in a form of sex trade, importing underage girls from Russia and then using them for the unimaginable. Obviously, President Trump remains innocent until proven guilty, and we haven’t seen any of this alleged evidence as of yet. However, if it is true, this could destroy not only Trump’s presidency, but also his freedom.

Taylor’s sources believe that former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani may have a good deal of insight, and perhaps some responsibility in some of Trump’s alleged crimes.

“Giuliani’s lawyers are pushing for a plea deal on NYAG Enterprise Corruption investigation. The Question is: Can he deliver goods on Trump?,” Taylor also tweeted this morning.

This comes during a time when Giuliani has apparently disappeared from public view. From a strong Trump supporter who was frequently all over the news supporting the President as a surrogate, to almost vanishing from the public’s eye over the past few months. This seemingly would be a great explanation for why Giuliani has been so quiet as of late.

Only time will tell how in depth this investigation by Schneiderman really goes and what could potentially be found, but signs are pointing in a direction that even the staunchest Trump opponents would have never imagined. Perhaps Pizzagate was merely President Trump’s way of blaming Hillary Clinton yet again for a crime or misdoing that he had taken part in himself, or perhaps these sources are biting off more than they can chew.

Source: ir.net

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