Christina Aguilera has had a few ups and downs, and recently seemed to have a much fuller face, and fuller figured. From Hollywood gossips, Christina does like her sugar, and saturated fats, not only is she constantly up and down with her weight—she’s even poked fun at herself in music videos, interviews, and other public appearances.

Rob Kardashian is the youngest of the Kardashian family and the only boy. He famously gained a lot of weight while  going through depression, and went into hiding.

However, he recently started dating model Blac Chyna who helped him become healthy, and they are now engaged and expecting a child. But here are pictures of his earlier days. Living under a microscope and a programmed world his family members created was difficult for him, nice to see him doing better.

“Big Brother” TV Star Josie Gibson, has been in the tabloids often over her weight fluctuations. At one point she was a size 20, but dropped to a size 8 again, and felt like a new person. It was all a result of terrible diets, slow metabolism and lack of exercise.

Jessica Simpson, faced lot’s of harsh criticism when she made public appearances with a noticeably fuller figure. Sadly, commentary even continued throughout her pregnancy! However, after her second child was born, she focused on her weight loss, getting her shape back and even became a spokesperson for the company Weight Watchers.

Hollywood actor Russell Crowe has had to gain and lose weight to portray different characters in movies–and has shown an ability to rise to the occasion. In order to co-star in the movie The Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling, he lost 52 pounds.

How it is much easier to gain and lose weight at will when you have trainers, supplements, and all the time in the world needed to dedicate in order to meet the required weight for a role.