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Good Looking Celebrities That Got Really Fat!

Beauty & Lifestyle

Christina Aguilera has had a few ups and downs, and recently seemed to have a much fuller face, and fuller figured. From Hollywood gossips, Christina does like her sugar, and saturated fats, not only is she constantly up and down…

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Celebrities Reveal How They Lost Their Virginity

Red Carpet

It’s no surprise that everyone is obsessed with Hollywood celebrities’ sex lives. Losing virginity is a big deal for everyone, even celebrities. Although considered a private topic, many famous personalities have opened up about their first times having sex. Angelina Jolie…

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10 Dogs That Totally Look Like Celebrities

Red Carpet

They say people tend their pets to look like them, but for some celebrities, the similarities are truly strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way. So does your favorite Hollywood star have a wild kingdom doppelgänger? Click through to see…