Colin Kaepernick’s mother, Theresa Kaepernick, humiliated Donald Trump after his comments in Albama.

She had a great response on Twitter to Trump’s comments in Alabama, last night.

There has been no lack of headlines surrounding the embattled former quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. After Trump spoke in Alabama about massive declines in NFL ratings, Theresa Kaepernick, Colin’s mother, spoke out on Twitter in rebuttal to Trump’s comments.




There has been no statement from the NFL regarding the President’s comments thus far. He called out NFL franchise owners to fire players who protest. Several team owners were substantial financial donors and/or friends of the President and his presidental campaign but it seems doubtful that any of the owners would actually follow through with Trump’s requests.

James’ Edit: The NFL finally did release a statement on Trump’s comments, and it’s as weak and tone-deaf as you might expect.