During the ‘Overtime’ portion of HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher explained President Donald Trump’s greatest frustration as so-called “Leader of the Free World.”

Trump’s inability to cheat on his wife and get “laid anytime he wants.”

“I think his biggest problem is, unlike his life in New York,  he can’t get laid,” Maher said.

“When he lived in New York, he had a sex life he enjoyed,” Mahher speculated before sarcastically adding, “Not with Melania, of course, that’s the wife. What do you think?”

Maher then went on a riff on Trump’s previous not-under-the-microscope life.

“You know, he left in the morning, ‘Melania, I’ll be home at nine o’clock,’ okay?” he elaborated. “He has apartments, he has houses — he could have gone anywhere with anybody. Hookers, Russians, peeing – whatever the f*ck was going on. And you can’t do that in White House!”

Former Congressman Barney Frank pulled Maher up short, asking, ” You can’t do that in the White House?” with comedian Martin Short contributing, “I’m gonna get you a book,” which, naturally,  led to a discussion of the Clinton years.

Bill Maher