Trump supporter in El Paso, TX threatened to “beat the sh*t” out of a group of Latino teenagers who were speaking Spanish in an Applebee’s bathroom.

As they exit the restaurant, the racist confronts them, hurling crazy insults.

“You’re wearing a sombrero,” he yells at them. “I guarantee I could beat the sh*t out of all of you!”

When he moves towards them, another man starts to move him away from the teens.

“I’d rather go to jail than live in a country with a piece of sh*t like you!” MAGA guy yells as he’s being directed away. “You are a piece of sh*t assh*le!”

José Prieto, who posted the video to Facebook, claims it started unprovoked when he and his friends “were speaking Spanish in the restroom and this man just started calling us “Sh*tty Mexicans.”