There’s still a lot of support for Donald Trump from evangelical Christians, who ignore the corrupt side of the President and listen to him spout off about how religious he is and never asking for forgiveness because “he doesn’t need to”.

Christian Advocates Serving Evangelicals (CASE) is the charity run by Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow, for years has sent out contribution requests with the tagline Every gift will make a huge difference!

However, president’s lawyer is facing accusations of funneling over $60 million from CASE into his family bank accounts.

The message that Sekulow approved of CASE spreading:

I certainly understand how being unemployed/having limited funds would make it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to help with a gift right now,” said a scripted line designated for people who are “unemployed” or “have no money.”

“And we don’t ever want to put you in a financial bind,” the script continued.

“Could you possibly make a small sacrificial gift of even $20 within the next three weeks? If not, I understand.”

“It’s time to let the president know that his vision of America is obscured and represents a dangerous threat to the Judea-Christian [sic] values that have been the cornerstone of our republic,” one script from 2015 said.

A 2013 script warned listeners that Obama’s signature healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, promised to give Planned Parenthood federal funding to open abortion referral clinics “in your child’s or grandchild’s middle school or high school”.

CASE has brought more than $60 million to Sekulow, his entire family and their firms since the year 2000.  He also used CASE to provide a series of shady loans and land deals for his family.

“I can’t imagine this situation being acceptable,” said Arthur Rieman, attorney at the California-based Law Firm for Nonprofits. “That kind of money is practically unheard of in the nonprofit world, and these kinds of transactions I could never justify.”

The Guardian reports:

Since 2000, a law firm co-owned by Sekulow, the Constitutional Litigation and Advocacy Group, has been paid more than $25m by the nonprofits for legal services. During the same period, Sekulow’s company Regency Productions, which produces his talk radio show, was paid $11.3m for production services.

Sekulow also personally received other compensation totalling $3.3m. Pam Sekulow, his wife, has been paid more than $1.2m in compensation for serving as treasurer and secretary of Case.

Sekulow’s brother, Gary, the chief operating officer of the nonprofits, has been paid $9.2m in salary and benefits by them since 2000. Gary Sekulow has stated in Internal Revenue Service (IRS) filings that he works 40 hours per week – the equivalent of a full-time job – for each of the nonprofits. Filers are told to specify if any of the hours were spent on work for “related organizations”. He does not.

Meanwhile, a company run by Gary’s wife, Kim Sekulow, has received $6.2m since 2000 in fees for media production services and for the lease of a private jet, which it owned jointly with Jay Sekulow’s company Regency Productions. The jet was made available for the use of Jay and Pam Sekulow, according to corporate filings.

Jay’s two sons, and Gary’s son and daughter, have also shared at least $1.7m in compensation for work done for the nonprofits since 2000.

President Trump’s personal lawyer, scamming naive Americans out of millions of dollars. The Lawyer isn’t any different from the President?