President Trump has more than enough reasons to resign. Considering the criminal charges lingering and a White House administration that’s falling apart Trump, would be over it. However, these aren’t the things that push a man to his breaking point, sometimes it’s something even deeper and darker.

This secret is not about his weird fetishes or prostitutes. There is something even more personal to the president that he’s desperate to keep secret at all costs, as he would be completely devastated if the American public found out. Bill Palmer over at the Palmer Report points out,  He’s dead broke.

Trump was unwilling to release his tax returns, even though it generated the kind of suspicion and skepticism that risked costing him votes in the process. We know he’s been audited so many times over the years that if he were cheating, he’d have been caught by now. Instead, what he was really trying to hide is his net worth, or lack thereof. There are numerous signs that Trump went flat broke after the 2008 crash.

He had to bankrupt and begin selling off his casino company in 2009. That’s when he stopped donating to his own foundation according to its tax records; the only reason to do this was that his income was so upside down, there was no need to continue generating write-offs. He had to start borrowing from foreign banks, because his American banking partners all knew he was washed up. In the end, Robert Mueller will expose that Trump’s debts are so large, he’s not a billionaire. Instead he’s flat broke. And for Trump, that’s a worse fate than everything else that’ll happen to him.

This is the only thing that fears Donald Trump, and at this point there isn’t anything Trump can do to stop it, but he will still try. Trump has already unwittingly hinted that he’s trying to figure out how to fire special counsel Mueller. President Trump is clearly panicking more by the day.