President Trump said that he did not know hurricanes could be rated as high as a Category 5 after his visit to Florida, which is reeling from Hurricane Irma’s devastation.

“I never even knew a category five existed,” the president told guests at a White House reception celebrating The White House Historical Association.

Trump was visiting South Florida on Thursday, during which he met with hurricane victims, which made landfall in Florida on Sunday as a Category 4 hurricane.

Hurricane Irma was a Category 5 hurricane for three days, the second-longest for any storm on record.

“It’s been a rough time for Florida,” Trump said, adding that his administration did an “A plus job” responding to the storm and its aftermath.

Trump dismiss the notion that climate change played any part in the powerful storms, he said that there have been bigger storms than Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, dismissing

Climatologists have said that while climate change didn’t cause the two monster storms, it likely that made them stronger.