The devastation of Hurricane Irma is a tragic event, floods devastate Florida Keys as Caribbean in chaos, and it’s impossible to know right now how much damage Irma has caused, Florida official says.

Far-right activist and Trump supporter Milo Yanniopoulos took to Facebook today to complain that his home has been washed away.

Milo was permanently banned from Twitter for organizing a targeted harassment campaign against actress Leslie Jones, called a Buzzfeed reporter a ““thick-as-pig shit media Jew”, says Islam and feminism are “cancers,” along with a lengthy laundry list of similarly appalling statements and actions.

Yanniopoulos is also a columnist at Breitbart in which he slams climate-change scientists as “hypocritical alarmists.”

Unemployed after a video surfaced of him defending pedophilia, it appears he is homeless as well.

Milo Yanniopoulos