Thousands of residents of South Florida are looking hurricane shelters ahead of Hurricane Irma’s arrival, one of the most powerful storms ever in US history.

In many locations, desperate people are arriving at the doors only to be told that there is no room for them there. Frustrated with what has been seen as a lack of communication from local officials — and, in some cases, conflicting messages about where to go — some are asking a simple question: Why hasn’t President Trump said he will use his Mar-a-Lago resort as a place of refuge for desperate Americans?

Independent reports: “Of course he should” open up Mar-a-Lago, Rick Castillo said, standing just in front of his beach-side home in Hollywood. He had prepared his home the best he could, and was watching the crashing waves in front of him before the worst of Irma arrived.

“He should be doing anything to help the public,” Castillo said of the President. “When people need help, you either help or you turn your head. I think Trump is turning his head.”

Nicola Little walked across the cement courtyard outside the school in tears again. She said that she’d been given food and two phone numbers of places she could go, but neither line answered.

“I have nowhere to go,” Ms Little, who came to Florida just months ago on vacation but had been stranded, said. “I’m not even from here.”

She walked down the street, away from the shelter, unsure what to do.

Documentary filmaker Michael Moore also asked the same question on Twitter.


Trump’s Mar-a-Lago beach side resort was ordered to be evacuated Friday alongside all of the ritzy Palm Beach Island where it sits. The resort is located on a low-lying strip of land that runs against the Atlantic Ocean, and is separated from the mainland by yet another body of narrow water. Some of the country’s most expensive real estate is located on those same barrier islands where President’s property sits.

However, it could definitely provide shelter in the wake of Hurricane Irma for those that may see their houses flooded.

President Trump did not respond to a request for comment on this story by the time of publication.

More than six million people have been ordered to evacuate their homes in Florida. Florida Governor Rick Scott has said that they will continue to open shelters to help those in need of evacuation.