Over the weekend, right-wing pastor Rick Joyner team up with other Christian business leaders for a “Destiny Weekend” retreat in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.

There Joyner ‘revealed’ the prophetic significance of Hurricane Irma.

In  posted on Lance Wallnau’s Facebook page, pastor Joyner revealed Bob Jones’s vision, a disgraced prophet who was nonetheless a towering figure in the modern prophetic movement.

Allegedly, Jones “had a visitation from a couple of angels, one of them was named Charles and one of them was named Irma.”

“The angle named Irma said she was coming to release women into a higher purpose and a higher authority,” Joyner said. “This angel came with another angel named Charles and I was watching the Weather Channel yesterday and it just got my attention when they said Hurricane Irma is following the same path as Hurricane Charles.”

“I think there is a whole lot to this,” Joyner concluded. “There is a message in these storms.”