US presidential couple Donald and Melanie Trump welcomed Panama President Juan Carlos Varela and his wife Lorena Castillo in the White House yesterday.

Photos of first lady Melania Trump wearing a form-fitting $1,695 blue dress from the Michael Kors Collection Pre-Fall 2017 lineup have sparked online rumors that she might be pregnant.

According to , recent rising breakout trends regarding Melania’s name include the search term “Melania Trump belly,” which has risen more than 4,000 percent. The question “Is Melania Trump pregnant?” has gotten a 1,000 percent rise in searches, according to Google.

The 47-year-old first lady would not be the first celebrity to give birth at such an age. Singer Gwen Stefani gave birth at age 44,  actress Susan Sarandon at 45, and actress Gina Davis had twins at 48, observes Parenting.

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