Regular phone checkup, irritated behavior, jealously and frequent fights, is this kind of love your girlfriend is showing nowadays? Are you really fed up from the sly and insecure behavior of her in the relationships?

But boys have you ever tried to peep inside the mind of your partner as what makes her feel doubtful and jealous regarding you. Somewhere there is mistake and lacking point at your end, which is increasing her doubt on you. If you really want to avoid these unnecessary situations, which are ruining your healthy relationship, do follow given below tips.

If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours, if they don’t they never were.

– Richard Bach

Don’t set the bar too high
The expectations which you had set earlier for her, need to continue, if you want to get your girlfriend back from the jealous and doubtful mood.  Pamper her in the same way as you used to do earlier. These things will definitely make her mood calm and happy.

Include her in your schedule to gain trust
Try to include your partner in your scheduled work to make her feel free regarding you. Draft a plan for the week in front of her so that she should feel confident in knowing your future plan and task.

In her free time take her out for shopping, movie or travelling so that she would not be able to emphasis and re think more on unwanted and doubtful things.

Introduce her to your friend circle
The best way to remove the negative things from yours ‘Bea’ mind is to just make her include in your friend group. Introduce her with each of your friend to make her feel that she is an important part of your life.

Whenever you are in a plan to hang out with your friends do ask her to join. In case she says no, try to insist her to be with you. These things can help you to build the trust back in your girlfriend.

Appreciate her
It does not matter how old is your relationship, women always love to hear the compliments given by their beloved ones. Complimenting is the best and easiest way that she overcomes all insecurities and doubtfulness.

Limit talking with the best friend of your friend
We all know that no girlfriend would appreciate if her partner talks and chills out with her best friend. These things create more chaos and mess in your personal relationship, making her feeling cheated and betrayed.

So, limit you meeting and conversation with your girlfriend’s best friend, instead plan more time with your girlfriend.

Sit and solve the problem
Do not try to ignore her insecurities and doubt as it can lead to make your relationship end one day. Sit and talk with her regarding all the problems and doubts which she is carrying in her mind and heart.

Allow her to talk freely and discuss the issue which is going between both of you so that she drives out her fear and anger.


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