The New York Times hailed Ivanka Trump as “The Most Influential First Daughter Since Alice Roosevelt Longworth.” Indeed, Donald Trump gives her more power than any of his wives, valuing her opinion possibly more than anyone else. During her father’s presidential campaign, Ivanka Trump was credited with Donald’s paid maternity leave policy – a first for a Republican nominee. Donald passes the phone in her direction when asked about women’s issues, even though she insists that her role in the administration will simply be the daughter. Hard to believe, since Ivanka already makes personal calls to members of congress about childcare herself.

What is believed is that she will take on the role of First Lady. Before she got involved in politics, she was busy building her own empire – an empire meant to “inspire and empower women to create the lives they want to live.” But Ivanka has her own secrets that she doesn’t want to be exposed. These are the very secrets that could crumble her entire empire. Everything is not as it seems. Here are 15 very private details Ivanka Trump does not want you to know.

Plastic Surgery – Breast Implants and Nose Job

Since we live in a culture that loves to discuss whether a woman is all natural, we thought we would engage in a little plastic surgery discussion for a moment. Ivanka Trump is a beautiful woman, no one can deny that. She was on Maxim’s Hot 100 list in 2007 and the Top 99 Women of 2007 list. While she has not confirmed that she has had any work done, the general consensus among the public is that she had a nose job and underwent breast augmentation at some point in her early twenties. Indeed, if you’ve looked at her before and after pictures, her nose looks narrower than it used to and her breasts, well, not so narrow.

Married to The Mob and Her Relationship Troubles


Ivanka married Jared Kushner, a real estate mogul and New York observer owner/ publisher, who will serve as senior advisor in the Trump administration. Kushner’s father, Charles “Charlie” Kushner , spent time in prison for tax fraud and witness tampering. The older Kushner was also convicted of making illegal campaign donations. When he found out that his sister’s husband, William Schulder, was cooperating with the investigation, he then framed him by hiring a prostitute to seduce him and have it filmed. Jared and his father have been described as particularly close.

Will J-vanka be the next Brangelina? The couple is set to move to Washington where Kushner will become a senior advisor in Donald Trump’s administration. Some details about the famous couple have already come to light. Only a year before Ivanka wed Kushner, she broke up with him due to religious differences – Ivanka was a Presbyterian and Kushner is an Orthodox Jew. Kushner’s parents hoped he would marry a Jewish woman; Kushner’s refusal to take her side caused her to end things. There was trouble in paradise for a while until the two eventually reunited, with Ivanka converting to Judaism upon marrying Kushner. On this topic, she said, “I really find that with Judaism, it creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity.”

Used Trump Campaign to Promote Clothing Line

While many have called Ivanka Trump “Donald Trump’s secret weapon,” – she was intrinsic to Donald’s paid maternity leave plan – some have questioned her motives in doing so. The motive in question is, in true Trump fashion, business. Throughout the campaign, Ivanka would wear her fashion line to various events and then Tweet out a link to where the fashion item could be purchased. After her speech at the GOP convention, for example, she Tweeted, “Shop Ivanka’s look from her #RNC speech.” Naturally, this created a lot of backlash and people have begun to question Ivanka’s true motives for her involvement in her father’s presidential campaign. Republicans ignored the self-promotion and praised Ivanka for wearing a frugal dress (under $200), compared to Chelsea Clinton‘s dress worth over $2K, which she wore to the DNC.

The Truth About The Relationship With Her Father

Ivanka Trump is always at Donald Trump’s side – she has been called “the favorite.” Apart from the questionable comments he has made about her body and looks over the years, the two seem to have a close father-daughter relationship, despite him not being terribly involved or even a present father as Ivanka grew up. Donald trusts his daughter’s opinion and it has been said that he gives her more authority than any of his wives. She keeps Donald in control. Yet, details about their relationship have emerged over the years that have questioned the extent of their relationship. The man who penned Donald’s autobiography, Tony Schwartz, worked with Donald for at least a year said that “I never once saw Ivanka Trump in his office and I never heard him once mention her name.” When a former Wall Street Journal writer spoke to Donald about Ivanka around the time her first book was coming out, the writer said that when asked what Ivanka’s favorite food was, he said “She likes lots of foods.”

Some psychologists have also weighed in on the topic of their relationship, saying that children with narcissistic parents often learn to prioritize their parents’ emotional needs over their own out of fear of abandonment. Ivanka seems to clearly dote on Donald, so there could be some truth in this (it’s called pathological accommodation if you were wondering).

Her Employees Struggled For Paid Maternity Leave

It was easy to say “you go girl!” when Ivanka Trump was promoting six weeks of paid maternity leave in the midst of her father’s presidential campaign (never mind, of course, that single women, fathers and those who adopted children were not included in this plan). And then headlines surfaced that the women working for Ivanka’s own company had to fight “long and hard” for paid maternity leave with her company only very recently beginning to offer it. This bombshell was dropped by the former creative director/officer of Ivanka’s clothing line. The woman, Marissa Velez Kraxberger, was two months pregnant when she asked about paid maternity leave during her interview. Ivanka’s response can only be described as shocking and insensitive. Kraxberger wrote, “When I asked about maternity leave she said she would have to think about it, that at Trump they don’t offer maternity leave and that she went back to work just a week after having her first child.” Whoa! Sorry, Ivanka, but not all of us are as privileged to have nannies on call to care for our children. While Ivanka’s company issued a statement that said the company does offer paid maternity leave now, it was a long and hard road to get there.