Ed Sheeran, singer & songwriter, Wembley conquering solo artist and a Barbie doll owner? Here are some curiosities about Britain’s most surprising superstar.

Ed Sheeran names his guitars

They are: Lloyd, Felix, Cyril, Trevor, Keith, Nigel and the one for battle re-creations at weekends, James The Second.

His cat has more followers on Twitter than you and all your friends put together

Ed Sheeran created a Twitter account for his cat Graham in 2014, who notched up 71,000 followers almost overnight by sitting on a guitar, demanding milk and proudly telling the world every time he shat the bed. You can follow him on @GrahamShizza.

Elton John made him release ‘Sing’

Initially the uncharacteristically upbeat R&B track, co-written with Pharrell Williams, wasn’t going to be on ‘x’ at all, until Elton John heard it at their joint management company’s office and told him: “That’s your first single.”

Ed has an unique plan to escape WW3

“If a world war breaks out… no one is going to be bothered to come that far to invade.” Sheeran said about his New Zealand citizenship.

Sheeran hates smartphone

“I enjoy life without a phone – it’s a lot less hassle,” he said. During his year away from music, travelling the world Sheeran ditched his iPhone and never wanted it back.

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