“We grew up together so it’s only right me and Becky Sue got hitched to preserve our bloodline and keep it all in the family,” said Jethro Clampett, white nationalist from South Carolina.

Clampett’s intention marrying his first cousin Becky Sue was keeping his bloodline pure.

The Clampett family has been inbreeding for years and although no one in the family has more than a 7th grade education their logic on breeding is what they live by.

Local news network spoke with Jerhro’s half brother who is also his second cousin Billy Bob who said:

“It’s all about white power the only way to keep our race superior is to breed like the dogs do, have you ever seen anybody wanna buy a halfbreed puppy? Hell no!”

The Clampett’s feel they are one big happy family and will out live the rest of society and that if people don’t follow there way America is doomed.

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