Radio host Rush Limbaugh confirms he would be off the air on Friday and broadcasting next week from ‘parts unknown.’ He and other residents of Palm Beach were ordered to evacuate before ‘liberal hoax’ Hurricane Irma hits Florida.

“I’m not going to get into details because of the security nature of things, but it turns out that we will not be able to do the program here tomorrow,” . “We’ll be on the air next week, folks, from parts unknown.”

That announcement came just two days after Limbaugh said he doesn’t believe Hurricane Irma exist, reporting on the natural disaster had become ‘politicized’ and was being used to advance the notion the climate change is real.

There was no offer of an apology or any remorse however for the comments he made on Tuesday. ‘There is a desire to advance this climate change agenda, and hurricanes are one of the fastest and best ways to do it,’ said Limbaugh at that time.

Limbaugh claims about Irma suggesting it’s a fake news borders on criminal.

The radio host said he will return from another location Monday, one day after the storm is expected to hit Florida.

Rush Limbaugh