In all the entire history of America, more Republican lawmakers have been arrested for sexual misconduct in bathrooms than trans people. Maybe America need laws against senators using bathrooms, not trans people.

Trump administration revoked landmark protections that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms they identify with, reversing work of the previous Obama administration that many Americans saw as a victory for LGBT civil rights.

Larry Craig, an Idaho GOP senator, was arrested for lewd conduct in a bathroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport a decade ago. Senator’s claim that he simply had a “wide stance” after an undercover officer accused him of trying to initiate a sexual transaction between bathroom stalls was bandied about on headlines and late-night talk shows.

Craig pleaded guilty of disorderly conduct, but two months later tried to withdraw the plea. He even refused to resign from the Senate. Craig finished out his term and did not run for re-election in 2008.

Gay racist Florida state Representative Bob Allen was arrested for agreeing to pay $20 to perform a sex act an undercover cop in the bathroom at a public park. Although he resigned later that year, Allen maintained that the only reason he was in the bathroom was because he was hiding out from a scary African American men hanging around.

An Oklahoma State Senator, Ralph Shortey was charged with child prostitution after being caught in a hotel room with an underage boy, in March this year. “Family values” Senator now faces charges of child pornography on top of existing charges of child prostitution.

LGBT advocacy groups noted his support for anti-LGBT legislation such as a proposed “bathroom bill” from last year.