Ivanka Trump sat in for her father, President Donald Trump, during a G20 session earlier today with other world leaders, and perhaps even more meetings.

According to The Washington Post, Ivanka took her father’s seat during the session on “Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health,” among other world leaders.

A senior White House official confirmed to the  that Trump did briefly sit in when her father had to leave the room:

The official said Ivanka Trump had been sitting in the back of the room, and moved forward when the president of the World Bank began discussing topics affected by a new women’s entrepreneurship fund she spearheaded.

The official said that when other leaders stepped out, their seats were also briefly filled by others.

Donald Trump praised his daughter and said he’s proud of her in remarks at the summit, joking at one point, “If she weren’t my daughter, it would be so much easier for her. It might be the only bad thing she has going.”

Source: www.leftscoop.com