Only a month ago, 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. attacked protestors in Charlottesville by running his car into them, injuring several people and killing one.

The President is blaming “both sides,” Congress and Senate signed a bill that Trump must call the white nationalists, KKK, Neo-Nazis, and other alt-right groups terrorists, and officially condemn the attack as a terrorist attack.

And this weekend, protesters did take to the street in response to a St. Louis police officer’s acquittal after he declared that he was “going to kill this mother****er” he and his partner were chasing down in their car. The police officer shot the driver five times through the window.

The Hill posted a picture of the protest depicting two Black Lives Matter protestors shutting down a city street:


Republican lawmaker Aaron Bernstine replied by tweeting:


While he isn’t clear how people demanding justice counts as “negative intentions,” Keystone Progress called him out on his plan to commit vehicular manslaughter:


Bernstine and his “right” to run over protesters:


Several GOP lawmaker in states such as North CarolinaTennessee, and North Dakota had introduced legislation to legalize vehicular terrorism, as long as the victims were protestors. At the very least, they want to make it harder for the victims to sue the drivers.

So far, no Republicans have condemned Bernstine’s “right” to run over protesters.