GOP is ready for another assault on Obamacare in their nihilistic drive to strip healthcare from millions of Americans. The current incarnation of the Trumpcare beast is the Graham-Cassidy bill, which is set to be voted on next week. One of the most egregious aspects of this iteration is an attempt to shift Medicaid funding from blue states to red states.

Today, the president tweeted his support of the legislation. As usual, he doesn’t care about the details, he just cares about ramming a bill through so he can say he “accomplished” something.


ThinkProgress reports that just a few hours before blasting out the endorsement, the president blocked a stage 4 cancer patient on Twitter because she dared to criticize Trumpcare.


“I cannot afford [a $141,000 premium] and I suspect most people cannot,” Packard told ThinkProgress, a reference to estimates that the new Republican bill could cause certain cancer patients to see a hike of over $141,000 to their annual premium.  She relies on Obamacare for her life-saving treatment.


“I just wish that he would listen. He said he would come up with something that was great and was going to cover everybody, and [Republicans] keep coming up with bills that are the exact opposite. He’s definitely not listening to me now,” Packard added, addressing the president’s petty decision to block her. Packard has been a vocal critic of the Affordable Care Act repeal efforts since Trump’s election.

Packard recently appeared in a video defending Obamacare that went viral.


Millions of Americans feel betrayed by their president. There are real lives at stake out there, and the Republicans continue to talk about healthcare as a purely monetary abstraction.