Rickey Lee Bugg, Jr. and friend Jack Gunkel were eating their food at Just Wing It a restaurant in Annville, Pennsylvania, when the founder, Chris Behney, told them to leave the restaurant, they serve whites only.

“I don’t need you ‘n-words’ money, Donald Trump is President” Behney said according to Bugg’s statement. He was completely caught off guard by the exchange. “We weren’t being loud, we were just sitting there, watching TV,” the manager yelled out to Gunkel and Bugg.

Of course words were exchanged and Bugg asked for his money back. The waitress agreed to refund him his money. According to Bugg, the restaurant owner then came out of the bar area and confronted them.

“I flipped a few chairs, that’s not the way to treat people,” Bugg said. He added that Behney told him that since Donald Trump is president now, “I can say what I want.”

The investigation is ongoing, but no motive beyond racism has been identified as the reason for the altercation. Bugg filed reports with Annville Police Department as well as with LVC stating that he had eaten at the restaurant several times prior without incident.

Bugg’s has questioned police findings that conclude no evidence of any wrongdoing on restaurant’s part even though there were eyewitnesses to the incident. He has hired an attorney and promises to sue for denying his son service on the basis of race.

Report has it that a lot of people in the community have come out to support his family on this. Even the students are calling boycotts and an apology from the manager of the restaurant who cited Trump being a president as a reason to be racist “This is morally wrong and should be frown on…” one the student said.