Kim Jong Un just called President Trump a “dotard” and made this word trending on Twitter this morning.

The insult was a payback from Kim Jong Un after Trump nicknamed the North Korean leader “Rocket Man” at the UN General Assembly.

The unknown word left many people wondering and Google searches for dotard went through the roof.


So, what does “dotard” actually mean? Twitter-savvy dictionary Merriam-Webster was quick to come to peoples’ aid.

Merriam-Webster defines dotard as “a person in his or her dotage” — dotage meaning, “a state or period of senile decay marked by decline of mental poise and alertness.”

It stems from the Middle English word doten, which was used to describe an imbecile at the time of its introduction in the 14th century.

The Washington Post’s Tokyo bureau chief Anna Fifield, explained that the Korean definition of Kim Jong Un’s barb was “lunatic old man.”


Others just straight up agreed with the North Korean leader:


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