During the “700 Club” host Pat Robertson claimed that anyone who criticizes God’s anointed leader, President Trump they are also attacking God.

Televangelist Robertson continued to try to connect Trump to God while blaming the intelligence leaks to the unlawful Obama administration holdovers who are intent on “destroying Trump.”

“These Democrats would not acknowledge that he is a legitimate president and they’re going to try everything they can to destroy him,” he said. “In the meantime, God Almighty is working on behalf of our nation and on behalf of our president.”

One viewer asked Robertson what the Bible says about Christians who attend anti-Trump demonstrations, to which the host said that “God gave us a respite” with Trump’s win by saving the United States from anti-American politicians.

“For anybody to go against that and say, ‘God has led me to do that’ and to join these crazy protests, these protesters don’t have any idea what they’re doing,” he said, describing them as uninformed and paid protesters.