President Trump refuses to help Californians as evacuation routes are blocked by raging wildfires.

Northern California is burning and the raging fires are spreading quicker than people can be evacuated. Now it seems evacuation routes might be blocked and people are starting to panic.

Napa and Sonoma Counties have a 200-acre wildfire that has been raging throughout the night as residents slept. By 3:00 a.m. PST, the National Weather Service showed at least six fires north of the Bay Area and a new fire starting east of Cloverdale, KTVU reported.

“People are running red lights, there is chaos ensuing,” said Ron Dodds, who raced to rescue his uncle. “It’s a scary time. It looks like Armageddon.”


“HELP! If anyone can see open roads from Glen Ellen to SF please tell,” tweeted a desperate Taylor Humphreys. She explained that her family was stuck and blocked by roads. “No news sources are confirming open roads. People are trapped.”


Northern California is burning, and President Trump is cutting the firehoses. His proposed budget cuts to fighting wildfires could be deadly for the Western U.S.