Evangelicals believe God has forgiven Trump for having an affair with Stormy Daniels


Franklin Graham, the son of evangelical televangelist Billy Graham, and the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, was questioned by MSNBC “Live” anchor Alex Witt on Saturday. The MSNBC anchor asked Graham how he could support Donald Trump…

Evangelical pastor used church to ‘satisfy his fetish’: It was an ‘innocent mistake’


A former parishioner sued California church and pastors Robert Litzinger and Cindy Litzinger seeking compensatory and punitive damages, reported the Santa Maria Times. Pastor Robert Litzinger stepped down from church leadership in June 2016 over complaints about his statements on pornography during…

Memphis megachurch pastor gets a standing ovation after admitting he molested a minor


After being accused of molesting a minor, pastor Andy Savage admitted he sexually assaulted a high school senior who was 17 years old. Highpoint Church Pastor stood in front of his megachurch congregation, admitted his actions, apologized for the “sexual incident”…

Franklin Graham Claims NY Snow Storm Is God’s Punishment For Voting Against Trump


Donald Trump still maintains strong support from Evangelicals, who have overlooked his dabbles with porn and gambling, his three marriages and the fact that the First Lady Melania posed nude. Evangelicals still see the president as “God’s arm” in the…

Memphis megachurch pastor admits he molested a minor: ‘I apologized in a biblical way’


Memphis megachurch pastor Andy Savage admitted he sexually assaulted a high school senior who was 17 years old. According to Fox 13, the pastor admitted the act on his social media platforms. Twenty years ago, Highpoint Church leader was in…

Trump-loving pastor challenges gay couples to order wedding cake at Muslim bakery

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Pastor Greg Locke addressed the gay community in a Dec. 6 Facebook video post, “The LGBTABCDEFG – or whatever the foolish acronym is at this particular point,” saying they’ve gone “overboard” with their pursuit of the Colorado cake controversy that’s gone…