James Woods known for his roles in Casino and Nixon, is retiring from acting, which at this point was just cameos on Family Guy. But for some reason, the right-wing actor announced his retirement in a real estate listing:

The conservative actor hopes to “simplify his life” by selling “his many real estate holdings on both coasts,” Gammons said in a news release.

“Longtime Rhode Island resident and Warwick Pilgrim High School graduate James Woods, Veteran of nearly 150 movies and television shows, has announced today that his recent retirement from the entertainment field has prompted him to simplify his life.”

He says the actor’s brother and mother recently died, and he hopes to spend more time on passions including photography, antiquing and Texas Hold ’em poker.

It certainly doesn’t sound like Woods who once tried to get actress Amber Tamblyn to go to Las Vegas when she was only .

He previously claimed that he’d been blacklisted from Hollywood for being a conservative. Yet Robert Duvall, Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones, and Jon Voight are all conservatives too, and none of them seem to have been blacklisted.

Day after Woods changed his mind; “My career is not going to end in a real estate announcement,” Woods assured The Washington Post.

In his 70s, he said, he’s hoping to star in an upcoming film about the  — not playing a villain this time around, but a gay protagonist.

But that movie has yet to be financed.