Donald Trump worth $10 Billion and he claims that he is very charitable, even though there isn’t any evidence of it. Now, Trump and Trump family have the perfect opportunity to prove how charitable they really are, as Hurricane Harvey devastates Texas.

Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold and CNN reporter Betsy Klein, asked several officials on Thursday, if or where Trump would donate his money.

Soon after White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said President Trump plans to donate $1 million to flood victims, but she didn’t explain what group the money will go to.

The press secretary was unsure whether the donation would come from Trump directly or the Trump Foundation.

“I know that the president he said he was personally going to give, I don’t know the legal part of exactly that but he said his personal money so I would assume that comes directly from him.”

As a reminder, since the Hurricane Harvey hit Houston last Friday, President Trump has asked people to donate to his campaign, and has been promoting new hats available on his campaign store website. He even told his twitter followers  Sherriff David Clarke’s new book.

Time will show will Trump actually gives the money he promised, as the people of Houston and southeastern Texas desperately need it.

What he hasn’t done yet is to help the people in Texas.