Trump supporters think national anthem protests are part of a communist revolution organized by Barack Obama.

One of them is Rick Wiles, far-right fundamentalist Christian radio host, who claims that the controversy over athletes kneeling during the national anthem is a communist plot to destroy America that is being orchestrated by Barack Obama.

“It’s a Marxist communist psychological warfare operation,” said Wiles on “TruNews”. “I assure you the man behind all of it is Barack Hussein Obama, America’s chief street organizer, rabble-rouser, troublemaker. He’s behind this stuff.”

“They want violence, they want anger, they want a clash, they’re making it white vs black,” Wiles continued, asserting that this is all part of an ongoing Marxist plot to destroy key pillars of our American heritage, starting with Confederate monuments and the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus and soon to be focused on destroying Christmas and rodeos.

“You have to understand,” Wiles said, “what the communists do is urinate on everything.”

“At the bottom line, what is this all about?” he asked. “It’s about attacking culture—destroy the culture so that it collapses. They’re invading the county with illegal immigrants, they’re attacking the values of the nation, they’re coming at the country from every side. This has been going on for 50-some years but we’re now at the final stage where the doors of the city, the gates, are starting to buckle. They’ve got the battering rams now … This is where the barbarians come through the gates. That’s how close we are to the overthrow of the republic. And all out communist revolution.”

“Obama is still directing his revolution and he will not stop until there is blood in the streets,” Wiles warned.