Starting last Thursday, televangelist Lance Wallnau streamed a nightly series of videos on Periscope in which he commanded Hurricane Irma to change its projected path away from Florida, ordering Irma to dissipate and turn out into the Atlantic Ocean.

As this did not happen, Wallnau streamed a new video last night in which he declared that the prayers that he and his followers offered up had moved the storm and that its final path was due to “an amazing intervention of God.”

“I’m happy for what we were able to see happen with the hurricane in Florida,” he said. “I’m telling you, this hurricane went where the Everglades is instead of where Miami is. It’s like, boom, prayer moved it.”

“It went from a category five to a four to a three to a two to a one,” Wallnau celebrated. “It’s an amazing intervention of God and we have to praise God.”

“We have to take our place to protect the nation and that is exactly what we did,” he added. “They may say we’re crazy—hey, they said I was crazy when I prophesied Trump; I’m telling you we were not crazy when we were dealing with the hurricane.”