We’re still a month away from our first look at Season 8 of “The Walking Dead.” The trailer is set to arrive during this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

But the guessing game of who might be in jeopardy this coming season is all over the map. It ranges from insignificant side characters to main hero Rick Grimes.

There aren’t any major spoilers on the web or indications as to whom might bite the dust sooner rather than later. But here’s our best guess on which character will die first. (And no, Rick isn’t going anywhere).

6. Morgan

Don’t worry, this list in reverse order, from safest to who’s in the most trouble. Morgan is one of the most popular characters on “The Walking Dead” and his storyline has been one of the most thrilling. But he’s already dead in the comic book. The same could be said for a character like Carol. Yet, they have taken on new life in the TV series.

5. Rosita

Like most of the characters in the comic, Rosita eventually dies. But that doesn’t happen until another war begins involving the Whisperers. However, Rosita is on a suicide mission in hopes of taking down Negan, which doesn’t bode well for her chances heading into an all-out war.

4. Simon

The Saviors will suffer a major loss at some point (We’re not counting Fat Joey) and doesn’t everyone want that to be Simon? He might be even more despicable than Negan. Of course, if Simon does die it probably won’t happen until a mid-season or full season finale.

3. Father Gabriel

If you follow the comic book storyline, Father Gabriel has a lot of time left. But it doesn’t feel that way on the TV series. If the show’s producers want to sacrifice a character, he seems like a decent choice. But he could just as likely stick around for a while longer.

2. Jadis

The junkyard gang (aka the Scavengers) is aligned with the Saviors. But it’s hard to tell just how long they’ll stick around. Jadis is the leader. So she’ll either die first or last within the group, marking the end of their run on “TWD.”

1. Gregory

Of all the characters on this list, Gregory is the most certain to die. The question of when just depends on how fast the season moves along. If it goes quickly, Gregory will pay for his betrayal of the Hilltop and be hanged by Maggie.

Source: www.cleveland.com

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