Your new weekly horoscope for January 15 – January 21, 2017.


Work – After a tumultuous period  follows a more relaxed and quieter week. Results of your hard work recently will be noticed.

Love – The following week you will enjoy a very relaxed atmosphere surrounded by love. Follow your romantic moments with your partner. Fresh energy and passion.

Health – Watch your knees.


Work – Fills you with confidence and you feel that you can achieve whatever you imagine. Full with working spirit. Favorable period for investments, projects and businesses.

Love – Spiritual compatibility will be of paramount importance in this period.

Health – Rest a little more.


Work – Your career will go upwards, but be careful if you want to invest or invest in a business, not a favorable period. Wait!

Love – Lonely members of this sign will be able to enjoy the many romantic offers!

Health – You will be full of positive energy.


Work – Expect a call from abroad, and it is possible to go on a short trip. Favorable period for all dealing with real estate. Don’t go in dept.

Love – A chanse to meet someone online.

Health – Great health during the week.


Work – You have to try to be more innovative in the period to achieve the desired. Luck is on your side. Good period for the purchase of technical appliances, gadgets, etc.

Love – You will be very popular in their environment. Your partner will appreciate your generosity.

Health – Drink more liquids.


Work – Favorable period for virgins. Following the initiation of new projects, businesses, perhaps the establishment of new companies. For the unemployed, the opportunity of employment.

Love – Meeting potential partner on public events, perhaps to a concert.

Health – Problems with neck.


Work – Entrust and its creativity. The connection of work and satisfaction is the key to success. Unexpected monetary gain.

Love – Single Libras can meet their potential partner through work.

Health – Lot’s of positive energy.


Work – Do not be afraid to perform conceived in practice. Some of your friends expect help from you.

Love – Will act less “cool” though in reality you are not such. Possibility of returns pendent to an “old” love in your life.

Health – Eat vegetables.


Work – You will be independent in making important decisions, and will take all things into your own hands. Do not let others’ opinions affect you.

Love – The relationship with partner will improve. Enjoy!

Health – Avoid nervous situations.


Work – For the ambitious representatives of this sign, the family will be a priority during this period. The work will be plan “B”.

Love – Be realistic with your partner.

Health – Visit a dentist.


Work – Do not wait for spring to start desired. Period of prosperity.

Love – Observe their behavior, not react impulsive regarding your partner.

Health – Very Good.


Work – Will encounter difficulties in work. You’ll have to put extra effort to succeed in business.

Love – Try to make a compromise.

Health – More exercise.

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