Swedish ice hotel Icehotel 365 is located 200 kilometers north from the Arctic Circle, and is the best ice hotel in the world.

Due the weather conditions during the summer melt, visiting would be limited only for winter. But to enable guests to enjoy throughout the year, with the new technology of cooling, it is now possible ice hotel to work 365 days.

Part of the hotel will continue to melt in the spring season, but the new part will remain untouched. The solar panels that use the nice weather, and green roofs keep the inside temperature lower than 23 F.

Icehotel 365 includes sauna, cocktail bar and hot rooms for those who need warmth from the cold. If you choose VIP suite, you can have your own space to relax heating, sauna and bathroom. Icy beds around the hotel are equipped with thick mattresses, fur and thermal sleeping bags that you warm at night!

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