Trump supporter is accused of making racist threats and ordering his pit bull to attack a black man he saw at a bus stop.

Mathu Dwain Karcher was walking his pit bull in Portland when the victim got off a city bus, according to court documents, and the victim said he was uncomfortable with the dog walking so right behind him, reported KGW-TV.

The dog was directly behind the victim while Karcher was several yards away, according to investigators.

The 40-year-old Karcher ordered his dog to attack and “get ’em,” which the victim perceived as a threat. Luckily the dog did not attack, victim was unable to run away due to a prior knee injury

That didn’t stop Karcher, the man told police:

“‘N*gger, you’re in the wrong neighborhood!’ And If his dog was not willing to get him that he would kick his a*s,” the victim told investigators.

Karcher followed the victim into the restaurant and continued making threats, but he left after an employee asked him.

The restaurant employee spotted the racist outside after police arrived and pointed him out to officers, but he denied following the victim and making threats.

Police arrested Karcher on Sunday on menacing and intimidation charges.