Alex Jones

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Alex Jones blames liberals for Las Vegas massacre [VIDEO]


According to Alex Jones, this is just another example of the liberals starting violent revolution in collusion with Islamic terrorists, citing “racial divides” that are coming from peaceful protests to police violence.   The target was a concert of a…

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Donald Trump’s Favorite Conspiracy Theorist Claims Michelle Obama Is Secretly A Man [VIDEO]


Donald Trump’s favorite far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones in his most recent attack on Michelle Obama, claims he has “the final proof” former First Lady is secretly a man. Jones analyzes footage and photos which he believes prove Michelle is…

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Alex Jones Gets Humiliated On The Streets Of Seattle [VIDEO]


Conspiracy theorist and Infowars founder Alex Jones gets humiliated on the streets of Seattle Friday morning, as he attempted to film a live report about the terror attack in Barcelona and yelling at pedestrians — until one man soaked him with…