Trump supporters across the country are learning the hard way that they elected a conman to lead the nation.  The realization has left a bad taste in millions of voters’ mouths as no one likes to be duped.

Robin DeFabbio wants Donald Trump to delete his Twitter account.  She said, “We’re wasting so much time. He’s like a very bad child that I’m glad I didn’t raise.”

Numerous Wisconsin voters are fed up with the political landscape and the country’s landscape in general due to Trump’s presidency.

Kari Walker said, “I am a political science major. I am starting to hate politics. Actually, not starting, I do hate politics: the vitriol and the vulgarity and the lack of willingness to talk to people.”

Clinton voter Tom Lukens of Viroqua explained how Trump ruined some of his friendships.  He said, “I wouldn’t keep a friend that voted for Trump. I have a neighbor that I haven’t been able to speak to since.”

Trump voter Neil Justilliano stated, “I did vote for him. It was really hard. We have been stuck in a political rut on every level. I’m so embarrassed by what a show it is. Because it is a show.”