Trump’s spiritual adviser, televangelist Paula White, is already duped many Christians by claiming she could sell them “resurrection seeds” that could grant eternal life for the low price of just $1,144.

Now White has an even more offensive scheme. Give her your entire January salary, or face God’s wrath.

Via The Christian Post, she has launched a “First Fruits” campaign on her website asking her followers to ring in the new year by sending her one month’s pay.

“Each January, I put God first and honor Him with the first of our substance by sowing a first fruits offering of one month’s pay,” White writes. “That is a big sacrifice, but it is a seed for the harvest I am believing for in the coming year. And God always provides! Every year many others join us and sow a month’s pay, a week’s pay, others give a day’s pay, but everyone gives their best- The results are miraculous!”

White then goes on to claim that giving her your money will curry favor with the Lord Almighty.

“All Firsts belong to God,” she says. “When you honor this principle it provides the foundation and structure for God’s blessings and promises in your life, it unlocks deep dimensions of spiritual truths that literally transform your life! When you apply this everything comes in divine alignment for His plan and promises for you.”

She says; “When you don’t honor it, whether through ignorance or direct disobedience there are consequences”

Her call for tithes, and resurrecting the Medieval Relic Trade and the Sin of Simony, have the same tone and style as Trump’s campaign emails. Donald Trump wants everyone to donate immediately, and makes his supporters feel like they need to send him money to “make America great again.”