Televangelist Paula White, who has for years been a key spiritual adviser to Donald Trump, was the guest on Jim Bakker’s right-wing television program again today, where she said that President Donald Trump is under relentless spiritual attack because the demonic spirits know that if he is able to make just two more Supreme Court appointments, “we’ll be able to overturn demonic laws and decrees.”

“More than just praying, we’ve got to do something,” Paula White continued. “We’ve got 130 vacancies in the lower courts and he is appointing exactly what we have asked for, why we put him in position as the president. We said we will put you in because we want originalists, we want constitutionalists, we want our Supreme Court to be like Neil Gorsuch.”

“He did it the fastest, which was an absolute miracle by God,” she said. “If we get two more — c’mon, if we get two more—and right now, I know we are scaring the literal hell out of demonic spirits by me saying this right now, because if we get two more, we will be able to overturn demonic laws and decrees that have held this nation in captivity.”

Paula White was unintentionally hilarious. She incidentally, is married to the drummer for Journey and her relationship with Trump recently caused a huge uproar which may end the band after nearly 45 years of performing.