Donald Trump biographer David Cay Johnston appeared on CNN where he revealed damning information about Trump’s suspicious business past. In the interview, David Cay Johnston said he wrote the book “to tell people things about his background that he won’t tell them himself.”

According to Trump’s biographer, Donald Trump received his personal helicopters from a convicted felon for drug trafficking. Rather than washing his hands of this man, Trump allegedly sets him up in an apartment, in what Johnston calls “very unusual circumstances.” After Trump wrote a letter to the courts asking for mercy for this man, his drug dealers were sitting in jail with twenty-year sentences, while trafficker got only 18 months.

Johnston says there must be more investigation into Trump’s past business relationships, with people the likes of “Russian mobsters, con artists, violent felons, swindlers, and this big-time cocaine trafficker.”

In an attempt to shed light onto the kind of leader Trump would be, he outlines a career mired by terrible management and leadership, cheating workers of pay, thousands of law suits, etc.