Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner claims it should be no surprise to see America battered by natural disasters considering that God had been kicked out of this nation decades ago.

Joyner in a video posted on his Facebook page  said that US has “actually fallen to the ultimate depravity of nations” as countless Americans embrace “perversions and delusions and separations from God.”

The pastor claimed that “you could measure the meltdown of morality, integrity, the increasing dysfunction of our governments and just about so many other things that are going on now to the time when we basically started saying, ‘God, get out of our life. We don’t want you mentioned in our books, in our histories, we don’t want anyone to use your name or pray in your name, we just want you out of here.’”

“It’s amazing, hurricanes strike us, earthquakes, everything else, and everyone’s first response is, ‘Where is God when this happens?’” Joyner added. “Well, we told him to leave. That’s where he is.”