Operation Save America is a radical anti-choice group that was setting up operations in Louisville in an effort to force the state’s last abortion clinic to close its doors.

OSA activist Matt Trewhella says that elected officials should ignore laws on abortion rights and LGBTQ equality.

“Through all the history of Christianity prior to that, every Christian, every Christian body that had ever been on the face of the earth all declared abortion to be murder and homicide, and all of them condemned the use of birth control.”

“There is a wild dog loose in our country, a bear-wolf if you will. And this bloodshed is sustained by an odious fiction. It’s a fiction in the minds of men, an idol that they hold on to. We’ve started this mission to the magistrates up in Wisconsin, trying to see them effect interposition for the preborn, defy the federal judiciary. That is the wild beast in America, the federal judiciary.”

“And there’s two things that they always choke on, where they can’t see their duty to interpose,” Matt Trewhella said. “Two things. One is they think that women who murder their own sons or daughters are victims and should not be treated, should not be tried for homicide. That’s one. And we respond to that repeatedly.”

In the ’90s, Trewhella was one of the signers of the Defensive Action Statement, which declared that the murder of abortion providers is justifiable.

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