The year of the rooster, Chinese New Year 2017 has begun and will last until Feb 15, 2018. Chinese New Year  is characterized by one of 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac in the ancient Chinese calendar that existed when the Shang Dynasty was in power during the 14th Century B.C.

The Chinese calendar was a complex timepiece, its parameters were set according to the lunar phases as well as the solar solstices and equinoxes.” – Christopher Tin of Better Chinatown USA.

The Chinese New Year date varies every year. The Chinese people hold their celebrations between Jan 21 and Feb 20 depending on the Chinese lunar calendar.

The Chinese New Year celebration is called “Spring Festival”, although is being celebrated in winter, according to ancient solar calendar that marks the period from Feb 4-18 as the start of spring.

2017 the year of the rooster it is a Yin year. Yin energy is often related with water and metal energy, combined have the potential to be extremely destructive, indicate wars, destruction and economic corruption.

Some numbers are considered lucky, especially the numbers eight and 88 because “eight” sounds like a word that means “prosperity.”

The second day of the Chinese New Year is the birthday of all dogs according to Chinese beliefs and as a consequence, for this reason all Chinese people tend to be caring and loving towards canines on that day.

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