Which celebs have the best booties at the moment? We’ve narrowed down these famous, apple-bottomed celebrities to a top 5 celebrity booty list for your reading pleasure.

Top 5 celebrity booty list

Jennifer Lopez

J-Lo’s booty is reportedly insured for $27 million and might worth every penny. Lopez started the ‘booty madness’, has been on the throne throughout her long career in entertainment. Even now the 47 year-old star is still on the top of the list of the best backside in Hollywood.


Coco Austin

The 37-year-old model & actress, also a wife of actor and rapper Ice-T  has one of the biggest booties you’ll see on camera. The couple had their own TV show called Ice Loves Coco but it was cancelled after two years. Now she is a proud owner of “Coco Licious”, sex toys, live in New York, and pose in many photos posted on Instagram. None of which leave a lot to the imagination.

Kim Kardashian

‘Reality’ TV star Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who is never too shy to show her assets including her big booty. Numerous booty selfies shared with fans on Twitter and Instagram. Kanye West, her husband raps about her booty in his song I Won, saying that he wants to “dip that as* in gold”.


Beyonce coined the term “Bootylicious” back in her Destiny’s Child days and it’s obvious why. $300 million net worth 35-year-old pop queen, make sure her assets are on display in all of her music videos.


Nicki Minaj

It’s all 100% natural; “Absolutely not,” said Nicki Minaj when a reporter ask Nicki about using pads or having implants.

“People will pick anything to talk about, and that happens to be the thing at the moment”.

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