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Kratom Dosage

If you’re a new user of kratom, you are probably asking yourself the same question as anyone who’s heard of the benefits that come with the consumption of this powder – what’s the correct dosage? Every new kratom user needs to consume just the right dose in order to reap the benefits it offers.

The next question is usually about tolerance. As the craze surrounding the tolerance topic has escalated in the past couple of years, even experienced kratom users start asking this question. Before we go into discussing the right dosage, let’s see what the term kratom tolerance means.

What is Kratom Tolerance?

In time and after continuous use of kratom, users become dependent on the substance and need to add more to their daily dose of kratom to get the same effects that they got in the very beginning. Since the body adjusts to the effects of the plant, it becomes much less sensitive to the substance.

This eventually requires the user to increase the dose and take more. With that in mind, you should definitely learn how to determine your correct kratom dosage.

Correct Kratom Dosage

Kratom is a plant that can be found in Southeast Asia, as well as some parts of Africa. In the past, farmers who lived on these lands chewed kratom leaves to get more energy to work their fields. As a result of the psychoactive properties of kratom and its continuous, unregulated consumption, this drug was soon banned in Malaysia and Thailand.

This was the case for a very long time — more specifically, since 1979 in Thailand. However, just last year, Thailand legalized both medical marijuana and Kratom, which should decrease the illegal use and incidence of overdose in the country.

At this point, kratom is a very popular drug, often smuggled from the Thailand jungles and sold in other countries such as the US. As a result of this – and as with most opiates — kratom also varies in terms of quality. If you aren’t careful, you might come across a product of very poor quality.

Unless you are dosing intelligently and strategically, you’ll rapidly develop a tolerance for the kratom strain you are using. If you’re not careful, you’ll increase from a dose of 2 grams to a dose of 6 grams, since you won’t even feel the effects of the smaller dose.

To prevent tolerance, you need to rotate different strains in your kratom dosage. Try to consume a new strain of the plant each day. In any case, you should avoid overlapping a single strain within three or four days.

Also, you should try to abide by the following rules:

  • Take only one strain per day, even if you take it several times
  • Rotate five to seven different strains, depending on your budget
  • Learn to tell the types of kratom apart

Set a Rotation Schedule

The correct dosage should be based on a rotation schedule. Once you have a schedule for rotating and dosing, following it should be your priority. If you are a newbie, you should purchase four to seven bags of one ounce each. Naturally, each of these bags should contain a different strain of kratom.

When you’re taking kratom, keep in mind that you need to wait a couple hours after you consume a meal. Also, remember to stay hydrated before, during, and after taking it. If you follow these tips, you can enjoy each dose and get the desired effects the drug provides.

If you plan to use kratom, make sure to set a rotation schedule and follow it. If you don’t, tolerance is very likely and overdose is possible. Enjoy kratom safely!




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