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Cbd lip balm

CBD oil-infused lip balm is the latest in a stream of popular CBD products. Those who have already tried it swear by its benefits as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial agent. These properties already make CBD lip balm a promising choice compared to other lip balms, because they make the lip balm last longer and offer some nourishment for your lips, but how effective are they, really?

What Should Your Lip Balm Do For You?

People wear lip balm for several reasons. For some, lip balm is just for the nice taste, shine, and gloss, and it can be a practical alternative to lipstick. For some, lip balm is a treatment for chapped, cracked or dry lips, or serves to protect the delicate skin on the lips from cold and wind.

CBD makes lip balm even better for those latter purposes because it has so many potential protective effects. It nourishes the lips, rehydrates them, and provides a good barrier against environmental damage.

The CBD Craze and Controversy

While CBD is very popular in some niches, it is controversial in others. The association between CBD and marijuana leaves some questioning whether it is legal to buy. CBD products that are produced from hemp are legal, but CBD that is produced from cannabis is more strictly controlled. In 2018, the farm bill lifted a lot of the restrictions on hemp farming and this opened up the market significantly. Indeed, analysts believe that the hemp market will increase by 22 billion over the next three years.

CBD based beauty products are usually made using hemp-derived CBD. This type of CBD contains almost pure CBD, with next to no THC. This means that it offers the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant effects of CBD but without getting you high.

Protect Your Lips With Good Lip Balm

Wind, dry and hot weather and low temperatures can all damage your lips. In addition, some people develop chapped or dry lips because they are dehydrated through drinking too little water or too much alcohol. Nutrient deficiencies can cause dry skin, as can UV damage from the sun. There are also some medical conditions, and drugs, which can lead to cracked or dry lips.

Lip balm CBD helps to protect the skin from damage (some lip balms even have a low level of SPF so they can protect against UV rays for a short period), and can also nourish the skin, and replace lost moisture while preventing the skin from excessively drying out.

What makes CBD lip balm so appealing is that CBD is a powerful, healing cannabinoid which can reduce the inflammation associated with cracked, sore lips. Most brands of CBD lip balm are made with other organic, hydrating oils too, so they will leave your lips feeling silky smooth, and provide them with some much needed nutrition too.

CBD lip balm helps to keep your lips hydrated even during challenging conditions, and you can re-apply it as often as needed without worry – especially if it is made with natural oils instead of petroleum because it will soothe and nourish your lips in the best possible way.

The one downside to some brands of CBD lip balm is that CBD has a strong scent and taste to it. This can often b masked with essential oils or flavors, so don’t be put off if you try one brand of lip balm and it doesn’t quite suit your tastes. Keep trying others – mint, mango, citrus, etc until you find something that you like. There are plenty of balms and butters on the market that could be a brilliant fit for your needs.

Not intended to diagnose , treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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